How to Acclimate Your Dog to Wearing Dog Goggles
Why Dog Goggles?There is no question that dog goggles, also known as Doggles, are an important part of maintaining your dog's eye health. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly in reflective conditions such as near water or in the snow,

Sure, They Look Good, But Does My Pet Really NEED Dog Goggles?
Dog goggles, often known by the name brand Doggles, are popular with people who love to accessorize their pets. Nothing grabs attention like a dog in shades! Now if you can get a cat to wear them, that would really be something!Why does my dog need d

Finding the Right Dog Goggles for Your Pet
Protective Eyewear for DogsWe've all seen tons of photos floating around the Internet of dogs wearing human sunglasses. Although cute for a picture, glasses for people aren't suitable for more than a photo op since they usually fall off within minute

You Ought To Be in Pictures!
Peanut in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan( Canada)Cheech Mageech & Little Gem in Lake Geneva, WI Isaac the Afghan in Madison, CTRemington in Olatae, Kansas Ziva in Stockton Springs, MEMy Vet says: "Always wear your Doggles UV sunglasses at th

Mesh Eyewear: The Ultimate Breathable Protection
Some dogs can't stand anything on their faces. The call of the open road with the wind blowing on his face is just too strong! This is the solution for protection without making your pup get his panties in a wad. Okay, so most dogs don't wear panties

Replacing the Lenses on Doggles ILS Eyewear
At, we are proud to carry the Doggles ILS goggles to provide the most versatility in pet eyewear protection. Only Doggles ILS goggles are designed with changeable lenses.Some dogs have medical issues where they need to wear eye protect

Seriously? Can Cats Wear Goggles?
This is Christopher Coppola and his Burmese cat Otto. They are regularly seen traveling on Coppola's motorcycle that's specially outfitted for Otto. Christopher has appeared on Cats 101 and is a chef. Otto looks simply stunning wearing the Doggles IL

Doggles: What Hero Dogs Use
There's no question that dogs truly are man's best friend, particularly in the areas of law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and in the military. Dogs save countless human lives with their keen senses, detecting bombs, sniffing out narcotics, an