You Ought To Be in Pictures!

Peanut in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan( Canada)

Cheech Mageech & Little Gem in Lake Geneva, WI


Isaac the Afghan in Madison, CT

Remington in Olatae, Kansas


Ziva in Stockton Springs, ME

My Vet says: "Always wear your Doggles UV sunglasses at the beach to protect your eyes." I wear 'em because the boys love just them.


Riley in Kirkville, NY


Mac in Santa Monica, California


Gizmeaux in Prairieville, Louisiana

Sophia and Oliver in Highland, MI

GypSea in Morro Bay , CA

"Captain" McKenzie in Kirkland, WA


Teddy in Atlanta, GA

Teddy's new K9 Optix Sunglasses enable him to enjoy being on the water; prior to these glasses the glare bothered him greatly!

Tootsie in Cecil, Wisconsin


Kaylee in Paradise, Texas


Chico Ward in Pasadena, TX

This is a photo of Chico Ward. He uses the doggles on motorcycle rides. It helps to protect his eyes from debris. He is able to wear them even at night because the lens is orange.


Stanley in Key West, Florida

Lucy Gaga in Shoreline, WA


tui in jerome, arizona


LOCO in Santa Clarita, CA


Coz in Burlington, NC

Chico in Winnetka, California


Sadie in Garner, NC


Josie in dayton, ohio


Bela (after Bela Lugosi) in Joshua Tree, CA (Yes folks, that's a cat)