Finding the Right Dog Goggles for Your Pet

Protective Eyewear for Dogs

We've all seen tons of photos floating around the Internet of dogs wearing human sunglasses. Although cute for a picture, glasses for people aren't suitable for more than a photo op since they usually fall off within minutes.

Cute but these won't work for your pet!

Function doesn't mean your dog has to forfeit fashion, though! Our K-9 Optix collection from Doggles offer the latest trends in pet shades while offering 100% UV protection with shatterproof lenses. Some styles have rhinestone details with sturdy-yet-streamlined frames. With the modern styling, you might be tempted to wear these shades yourself!    

Consider the Breed

Breeds that have a wider bridge or broad muzzle  such as Put Bulls, Golden Retrievers and Great Danes may find that the K-9 Optix sunglasses are a perfect fit. Dogs with wide-set eyes may also prefer the Optix styles such as Corgis, Bernese Mountain Dogs and many Terrier breeds.

Dogs with prominent eyes that are prone to injury such as Pugs, Pekingese, Shih Tzus and Boston Terriers can especially benefit from deep cup lenses and coverage of the ILS series. These full-coverage frames are important for protecting the shallow eye sockets and protruding eyes of these popular brachycephalic breeds that also including Boxers, French Bulldogs, English Toy Spaniels and Bulldogs.

Ponder Personality

There are a few things to consider when shopping for eyewear. You understand your dog's needs more than anyone. Would your pet prefer a more open style with more air circulation? Or does your pet like to feel cocooned in comfort with more coverage?

Every pet has their own style to match their personality type. Are they macho and masculine? Consider something in camo, frames with flames, or skulls and crossbones.

Is your girl feminine and flirty? A fashionista? Try something in pinklilac, or leopard!

Is your pup sporty and fun? Try our new Rubber Frame K-9 Optix in pink or blue. Our Originalz are always a great choice!

Size Matters

Remember that one size does not fit all dogs! Measure more than once, and then refer to this chart from Doggles:

Size       Weight of Dog, Head Strap and Chin Strap, Breed Example

Small      9 - 25 lbs      12 - 20 inches    4 - 8 inches
              4 - 12 kgs      30 - 50 cm        10 - 20 cm
              Breed example: Beagle, Westie, Jack Russell

Medium   20 - 60 lbs     15 - 25 inches   5 - 11 inches
               9 - 27 kgs      38 - 63 cm        13 - 28 cm
              Breed example: Aussie, Border Collie

Large      50 - 100 lbs    18 - 30 inches    6 - 15 inches
              22 - 45 kgs     46 - 76 cm         15 - 38 cm
              Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

Size      Lens*            Nose*         Height*         Depth*

SM   4.75in/12.1cm   .25in/.6cm   1.33in/3.4cm   .75in/1.9cm

MD   5.25in/13.3cm   .5in/1.3cm   1.5in/3.8cm      1in/2.5cm

LG   6in/15.2cm         .5in/1.3cm    1.75in/4.4cm   1in/2.5cm

*Lens is the measurement from one corner of the frame to the other (corner of eye to corner of eye).

Nose is the length of nose bridge. Height is the height of the lens. Depth is the depth of the lens cup.

~NOTE the Originalz DO NOT have removable lens and are NOT recommended for dogs whose eyes protrude. The ILS style is better suited for these breeds.