Sure, They Look Good, But Does My Pet Really NEED Dog Goggles?

Dog goggles, often known by the name brand Doggles, are popular with people who love to accessorize their pets. Nothing grabs attention like a dog in shades! Now if you can get a cat to wear them, that would really be something!

Why does my dog need dog need dog goggles?

Getting appropriate eyewear for dogs is important since dogs are living longer lives and spending more time in the sun than their nocturanal wild ancestors. Failure to protect dogs' eyes from UV rays can result in early cataract formation among other health issues.

Additionally, for dogs suffering from chronic superficial keratitis (also called Pannus or Uberreiter's disease) it is imperative to limit exposure to UV light to minimize inflammation and potential blindness. This disease that affects the immune system and is exacerbated by light is more often seen in German Shepherds and occasionally in Australian Shepherds, Belgian Tervurens, Border Collies, Greyhounds and Siberian Huskies. 

Dogs living at high altitudes, those who work and play in reflective conditions such as around water, snow, and sand, the UV rays are particularly strong and protection is definitely recommended by veterinarians.

Other Conditions for Dog Goggles

Does your dog like to hang his head out the window on road trips? Is your pup your sidecar sidekick? Perhaps your dog accompanies you on your dune buggy, bicycle, or scooter? Imagine heading nose-first into the wind with the aerodynamics filtering everything towards the eyes. It's a recipe for dry-eye disaster at the very least. Even more risky is being hit with debris at high speeds. Doggles are the solution for safety!

Protect your pooch from wind and debris!

For military and police dogs, eye protection is an important investment in safety for these highly specialized workers. In fact, there are programs designed to donate Doggles to our service dogs to ensure their safety.

And, YES... They just look COOL!